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There are many insurance agencies you can select to manage your business insurance programs.  What sets us apart is our included services model that provides far more value.  That’s because Keystone Insurers Group is the LARGEST insurance agency network in the country.  You deserve more than simply handing you an insurance policy once a year.


Most businessowners want to “bid” insurance to save costs.  As an independent agent we manage that process for our clients with access to over 200 different insurance carriers and insurance programs.  But, “quoting” is often only half the battle.  A worker’s comp policy with claims issues can trigger surcharges easily doubling the cost of that coverage.  This is where Keystone Insurers Group really shines.  We have the services and support to repair and rehabilitate that claims problem, driving down the experience mod and saving tens of thousands of dollars for our clients.


An Experience Mod over 1.00 means you’re paying a lot MORE than you should be paying for worker’s comp.  And would it disturb you to learn that nearly 80% of all experience mods are calculated incorrectly?  We offer an experience mod analysis to verify if your calculations are correct.  Does your agent even know what an experience mod is?  When’s the last time he or she verified the calculation for you?

Check out just how much more in premium a high experience mod can cost you.


So, you can pay $153,000 with a 1.525 mod or you could be paying $70,000 with a controlled .700 experience mod (or if the calculation had errors.)

If this is the first time you’re hearing this – maybe you haven’t selected the right insurance agency to manage your insurance program.  We’d welcome the opportunity to take a look and show you our solutions.

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Here are some of the standard types of business insurance programs we manage: